Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Okay.... a COUPLE of little, tiny detours.......

Gumballhead is vacationing in some imaginary "la la land," so Deb is filling in today.

Well, the dissertation proposal defense didn't go as well as I would have liked, but I have a verbal contract with my committee to sign off on the proposal if I revise and resubmit. The revisions are not really so major. I am still not feeling well, went to a specialist today, and will be having more medical tests mid-July. The timing is great, however, since I am on a research grant for summer, and can go be with Lindsay, Derrick, and our granddaughters Val and Ellie, while waiting for the arrival of their new baby sister. I need a break from the stress of school, and am really looking forward to playtime with the little ones. Hope to get the brewpubs and travels back up soon.
~ Deb

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Little, Tiny Detour.....

Ack! Deb still hasn't taken the oral exam, which was scheduled for the morning of May 26. Instead, she ended up in the hospital with what we will now call "dissertation stomach." Oy vey. Feeling a little better now, but unfortunately when you go to the ER with heartburn and dizziness, they put you up for 24 hours with a heart monitor and don't take any chances. That ended up being May 25-26.

So - the oral exam will have to wait till mid-June, at least. She also is not allowed to drink any carbonated beverages, so Gumballhead is not going to get to visit many brewpubs for a while. (Honestly, these humans just need to learn a lesson about stress from us cats: nap all day long in the sun, go outside and run around the house, play, and sleep some more, right?)